It’s not only a loyalty Program…
It’s a Lifestyle – GO ONE

Multi-brand loyalty program with an integrated online and blockchain payment system

One App

  • Find nearby healthy food options, reserve tables at exclusive restaurants/bars, hotels, train at various gyms and shop for your favorite products
  • Loyalty and rewards platform with an integrated payment system supporting fiat and crypto
  • IMRTL tokens will be used as payment or can be swapped for ONE or MATIC as the user’s transactional preference

Immortl Wallet

As technology has become more convenient for everyone, a large majority of the world’s internet traffic now comes from our mobile devices and tablets. There has been rising demand and growth of the e-commerce industry with the convenience offered by mobile wallet and payment gateways. This presents a great opportunity for the ONE app. The payment wallet will provide users with transactional data security, as well as offering transparency and real-time convergence in crypto and fiat. With the Immortl wallet integration, users will have the ability to:

Immortl Token

Our own utility token which can be used for day-to-day transactions and payments. As an HRC-20 token, Harmony’s interoperability, fast transaction speed and low transaction costs provide customers with a token for seamless transactions.

One Nation

Much like our Hybrid app, the One Nation Hybrid stores will be a place of community building, networking and most importantly supporting and educating users and customers on sustainability. These are cafes with integrated partners such as gyms, barbershops and more. This hybrid concept is a great model and standard for One Immorl’s mission and values: quality, top service and community building with a high regard to sustainability.

With acceptance of payment in crypto or fiat, users explore the vision and community of what One Immortl aims to establish.

One Immortl’s Flagship Hybrid Cafes

With years of experience in the fitness, lifestyle and food industry, the team at One Immortl has come to further recognize the large community out there built around his/her favorite locations, stores and products. Our course stands to unite this collection of communities with a platform rewarding those striving to live a healthier lifestyle — encouraging sustainability and community. With the ONE App, our aim is to help users find locations which fit their lifestyle. As an All-in-One application, finding healthy food, training at gyms/fitness courses, shopping and more can all be found and paid for directly in the app.

The ONE app is based on hybrid-blockchain technology. Through this, transactions become safer and more transparent, thus, ensuring the safety of users’ personal data. As a multi-brand loyalty program, accompanied with an integrated blockchain payment system and wallet, ONE was established to build customer loyalty in a world where fitness, its products, and health/superfoods are quickly becoming a commodity.

Designed to dive into a market with one of the largest and ever-growing customer bases, ONE is uniting the health, fitness and lifestyle sectors to offer clients a variety of possibilities.


Core Team

Dennis Stopler

Co-founder, CEO

Kellen Miller

Co-founder, CFO

Chris Korkor

Co-founder, CSO

Kuuku Saah


Partner Benefits


Partners & Collaboration




ONE Immortl’s aim is to unite the large communities out there built around their favorite locations, stores and products and create awareness for a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.


The selected partners sought out are those in which we view enhance the ONE community. Those chosen offer high standards in the following: quality, lifestyle, service, trust, and most importantly sustainability.


ONE Immortl takes pride in building the long-term value of the brand. We strive for providing a health-conscious community with remarkable products and services.


The ONE app is a loyalty and rewards platform built upon a hybrid blockchain system with an integrated an in-app payment system. Through this, transactions become safer and more transparent, ensuring the safety of user’s personal data. Our goal is to unite different communities, creating a platform rewarding those to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. With our loyalty program, we want to help users find locations that fit their lifestyle.
As a multi-brand loyalty program, accompanied with an integrated blockchain payment system and wallet, ONE was established to build customer loyalty in a world where fitness, its products, health/superfoods are quickly becoming a commodity. Designed to delve into a market with one of the largest and ever-growing customer bases worldwide, ONE is uniting the health, fitness and lifestyle sectors to offer clients a variety of possibilities.

Users receive loyalty tokens through everyday transactions. Based on the user’s card holder status, users are entitled to earning various tokens with use of either a ONE or Immortl Card. Cardholders receive up to 8% back in the form of IMRTL tokens depending on cardholder and ONE partner status.

Users can redeem tokens at/with all ONE partners. The value of redemption tokens will be decided by each partner individually. A token value will be established to what each partner offers.

Users may also swap their IMRTL tokens for Harmony (ONE) or Polygon (MATIC) tokens as their transactional preference. The value rate for points to tokens is based on a real-time convergence of loyalty point circulation and token prices.

IMRTL Tokens are not yet available to purchase.

Harmony and Polygon are blockchain based platforms aimed to provide an infinitely scalable cryptocurrency which does not compromise security or decentralization in doing so. There is one thing Harmony, Polygon and we at One Immortl believe in: sustainability. We are convinced that cryptocurrencies are the means of payment of the future. Together we want to change the way we execute payments. One Immortl gives its users and community the opportunity to choose between the platform that complies with their ideas for payment or loyalty reward redemption.

ONE partners are chosen carefully according to our partner selection system: sustainability, quality, service, community, and company vision and goals. One Immortl values these points and looks for these in potential partners. If a merchant would like to become part of the ONE partner community, please send an e-mail

If you would like to recommend a merchant who fits One Immortl’s values, please send an email to:

The app will soon be available for download via iOS and Android in the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store.


One Immortl LLC – Spokane, WA USA
One Immortl UG – Munich, Germany
One Immortl Technology LLC Dubai, United Arab Emirates